summer in the garden of princess mu


Inspired by:

aye walk peasfuli alowng ebri dai

n fear oar nawt,
reel oar imagined

cacooned wiffin mi own trubbles an jois
ceein da werld arownd mi wiff owt recognition

den,wiff nawt a wisper,
turns fate

n sylent retribution

crashin thru mi amrer and into mi plans
equalibriam iz lawst

tho slipin awn da frawst
ah wil fynd balence agin.

den shi twist anover wai
an rests gintli n mi hands
plyint tew mi demands

n wun moment ah nemises
n da nexx, shi cant resist

ah am da master…


the battle

inspired by:


its da battle dat has no end.
wii fite it ebery day.

purrhaps its da veiw point…
purrhaps its an uncrossabul line

troof an lies cin blend togever
love an haet frequently co-exist

da stairwai tew da basemint is lined wiff gude intentions

da ting dat we cin be prowd ov is dat we chose tew fite
we chose tew luv
we chose tew dew gude
our saving grace mai b dat tew err is hooman

But… tew b feline is divine


inspired by:

ur fear an shyness r a krime against ur self mai dear
Ah wood nawt, kood nawt has u ani ofur wai.

it is ndeed mai privlage tew look apon ur fayce,
tew touch ur curvii joyus warmf.

no wun loves a body fur lawng.
one loves tha faults, an the intragal fibers ov tha spirit.

It r wiffin ur arms dat ah choose tew b
nevur mind wut kolor, shape, or size.

Suport group

Inspired by:


Oh limber an gintile Bast,

bless the martini
the olives and the vurmoot.

fur with out them,
miny wood shoorely hab parishd buy now

protek me frum the paine ov da world
wit the promis of distraction

bless da kittiehs, the cheezes and the lolfrendz,
for with out them mai spirit wood waist awai

sheild meh frum the cynical offhandedness
dat fwrettins to devide us awl

with this armour I shal go forf an smile at complete strangers,
un afrayd of jugemint.

thus fortifyed i will move with out fear thru a wurld ov mai own making
to live and laff anoder day.

the canvas

Inspired by:


feer knotith, da ageinn b making the purrsnality better ebry dai…

Ifn da slaet be blank,
er da brane beez smoof,

der iz ah plaze fur da footur knowlage.

from da wrinkles and da battle scars do we bkome the results of the skulptur

tymez, shi weel shayp uz.

lyfe, shi weel teech uz

strangth, deez tryals weel give uz

apon tyme an lyfe we weel leave r marc

Paynted by da lyfe we weez chooze ta lib

Love flowers

Inspired by:http:

Fur Janet, I tink a loverly orchid
delecate an complex
open to whutever comes next

fur kathleen i feal a gerber daisy weel fit
brite sunshine shall b ur gift

itybity may like a blak eyed susan
fur da contrast

a beauti dat shall lawng last

still left wi hav Lbreeze
who shurli must hav a willow
tew dance wid dee

den comes melissia
wiff violets shi haz a fistful

fur stend ah has a mighty oak
dat represent wisdom

fur teho wi no
der is truly presision
fur him we a flower of crimson

an lets knot fur get B! who alwais encourages mi
I bayleef tree fur yee
tew gibe prosperity

der awl sew mani hear wiff luv
tis liek da home ov da dove

sew ah shall leave
a bookay ov beooti
fur awl dooze who cumfurt mi



inspired by:


rest warmly wiffin da kumfurt ov ur fambli.
exposed wiffout fear

dweem ov nuffin kaus u has nuffing tew fear
yew cin trust caus u dont kno ani bettur

kittenhood is bliss

n de innosense of da sleeping yoof sankchooaree can b found
n da breff ov a child are da promises ov da footure

tew hold da warmth of u n my arms is a blessin undenieable
tew c da merical of u is a treasure beyond discription

tew kno yew sleep wiff owt fear b cause ov my protection is da gratest gift u can gib me




inspired by:

joo r de antawgonist,
sew yew has ur playc

as a produck ov balance,
yew has ur wai

tu fite u gibs mii purrrpus

tu fite mii gibs u reason

toogevur wii build a cacoon
wiffin it wii noorish each ovvr

wiffout it
wii parish aloan



Inspired by:


teh nature ov spilled milk is tew b wasted
(unless there is a cat around)

teh nature of man is tew strugel wiff concepts
(unless he is blissfully peting a cat)

teh nature ov life is tew strive an b disapointed
(unless u are expecting a kitten tew b delivered)

Teh nature ov woman is tew give untill empty
(unless der is a kitteh n hur hart)

der is kno need tew tew explain ur choices
there is no need to regale urself
the errors r dun an irrevokable
(unless u r a cat den u cin juss pretend it nevur happend)


Be still. close your eyes and remember. Remember when our surroundings were still being shaped. Then you can see the ancient island of Mu.  A large land mass shaped by volcanoes and time. So ancient that God is a close personal friend. Forests, lakes, rivers and desert all co-exist here.

Within this cocoon of beauty rests a kingdom of great value. One of the few that shelters the first stirrings of human power, intelligence and benevolence.

Once upon a time, lived a king of great goodness, a provider of justice, and peace. So all his people did benefit and thrive. To this King came a wife when he was young. To them both came a love. The harvest drawn from this love was a baby girl. She was Named Mu, for the island that nourished her.

In the winter of her pregnancy Nuwan did fall ill and was lost to her new daughter and husband.

Mu was raised with care by her own father and the residents of the first house. The first house is a sprawling white granite castle city containing the king, his advisers and  a small army of citizens dedicated to the welfare of all the inhabitants of Mu. The populace has spread far and wide with many cites and strange adventures to be found throughout the great expanse of the island.

My real name is Laura. I have found ICHC to very inspiring. I have two cats named Lucky and Mu. Lucky is a Tabby mostly brown and black. He has 14 toes on his front paws. I loved him at first site because he was a bit different. So friendly and nice with the rescue lady. I’ve had him for 7 years ( I think) already. He is a bit nervous so he doesn’t hang out with new people right away, but if you talk to him nice and be respectful of his space, he’ll allow you to pet him 🙂

Mu is a short round kind of kitty. She and Lucky are body type opposites. Mu is more relaxed around people. she seems to be a tabby calico mix. she has an orange mask around her face and she has stripey patches reminiscent of a calico. We are working on a diet plan.

I am a secretary here in Georgia. ICHC has brought out the poet in me. She was hidden for a long time.

My goal in life is to die happy with my life, happy with the Laura I have created. I believe that if I am tenachious in my pursuit of sharing goodness that I  will enable more goodness in the world. I firmly belive that one person changes the world with the results of her life.  I can’t stop evil, but I can provide comfort to those done wrong and lend them strength. I can’t make people change, but I can be a good example. I can show love to strangers and I can help them see that love within themselves.

Mostly I plan to use this blog to write the legend of Princess Mu. I  have always wanted to share the stories in my imagination and now, I believe I can

Thank you for visiting.

I made this blog sew my frens at ICHC would have place to go to learn more about me. I’m new at this, but I hope to hav a kool blog sune! Thanks fur visiting!

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